Power Line Inspections

Power line inspections with cameras look for physical damage to the asset, such as deterioration to timber components, rust or corrosion to metal components, or collapsed insulators.

Utilising infra-red cameras also allows for any hot spots to be identified quickly and easily, thus providing advanced warning of components that may be about to fail in the near future.

Lidar or laser scanning can also be conducted to build a 3D model of the network infrastructure, providing for a realistic view of the environment – including distances to surrounding vegetation and whether any structures have been built inside safety zones.

With pre-programmable capability, Skyline UAV aircraft can follow the power line with low noise, low weight and fly neighbourly principles in mind. The electric fleet also negates the possibility of fuel being in proximity to high voltage power lines.

Infrastructure planning can also be achieved, with a visual record of proposed transmission line routes being provided to maintenance/build crews before work commences. This will aid in programming staff to areas that require more or less work to prepare for tower construction; thus ensuring improved manpower productivity.

Travelling Australia wide, Skyline UAV can come to you and achieve your goals quickly and easily.