Fire Ant Detection

UAV Fire Ant Detection is the scanning of ground and mounds with RGB and thermal cameras to identify areas of Fire Ant activity. Scanning is progressively geo-tagged so infested areas can be treated.

Fire ants and their nests are prevalent throughout Queensland. Being a declared pest due to their destructive capacity toward local ecosystems, fire ants are actively sought out for destruction.

Using an RGB and thermal camera payload, a Skyline UAV platform can conduct two types of aerial detection.

First is wide area scan, where it may not be known if fire ants exist, so the craft will fly at altitude, covering large distances.

Second is a localised search and confirm. Where a fire ant nest is suspected, but perhaps it sits on someone’s property or access is limited, the craft can do a low level inspection, without having to travel along tracks, or roads.

Finally, where the level of infestation can be managed with liquid or pellet distribution onto the ground, Skyline UAV have a platform that can do this also, removing the need for personnel to don safety suits and walk through the hazard area.

Travelling Australia wide, Skyline UAV can come to you and achieve your goals quickly and easily.