Feral Animal Monitoring

UAV Feral Animal Monitoring is the aerial video recording of a large area to monitor, identify and count feral animals.

UAV technology offers a quiet, non-obtrusive method of obtaining real life records without scaring feral animals away from the area.

From time to time state and federal government bodies may introduce payments, or mandatory monitoring programs, to ensure the control or sustainment of feral animals.

By nature, feral animals tend to either be flighty animals, scattering at the first sound – or smell – of something foreign to them. Alternately, some feral animals may be highly territorial and their instinct is to attack anything foreign to them that wanders into their territory.

The use of a UAV allows for large area quiet, close and accurate assessment of feral animal locations, numbers and if moving, direction. This information can then be fed back to program personnel for appropriate usage.

With experience in this field, Skyline UAV staff have assisted in the counting of feral brumbies in sensitive areas to ensure their longevity and survival, along with the identification of feral pig groups in northern states so that numbers can be controlled before serious environmental damage occurs.

Travelling Australia wide, Skyline UAV can come to you and achieve your goals quickly and easily.