Asset Inspection

Asset Inspection can be done with a myriad of tolls, in a number of ways, so why choose UAV?

The answer to this question is – productivity.

Let’s look at some real-life examples.

A shipping container crane is enormous and rolls along rails on the dockside. Once a year, the operator rolls one up to the end of the rail and then another company comes in and erects scaffolding around it, so that another company can send two people climbing up it to take high definition pictures of bolts, welds and bearing housings. This process takes a full week.

By comparison, a UAV will do the same job, without scaffolding, in about six hours of flight time.

Same cost? Sure – but now the crane is back to work six days sooner than doing the job manually. Thus the operator is back to making money off the crane even sooner, so the overall cost to the operator is actually lower.

The key element in asset inspection with a UAV is two-fold. First, it must be a stable platform. Blurry pictures achieve nothing! Second, endurance must be suitable. Flying for 50 minutes at a time, the Vapor range of helicopters can achieve a material amount of work in each flight. Having something small and cheap may mean changing batteries every 15 minutes. That’s a lot of unproductive time!

Travelling Australia wide, Skyline UAV can come to you and achieve your goals quickly and easily.