RPAS Training

If you have the desire to operate a UAV and/or drone for commercial gain, CASA (the Civil Aviation Safety Authority) requires a person to hold a controllers certificate and work for a CASA approved operator.

Ab-initio, advanced training and type ratings available.

Skyline UAV is leading the industry in the quality, reliability, performance and training of unmanned aircraft systems.

Utilising the most advanced VTOL UAV’s currently available to the civil sector, Skyline UAV’s crew and management team are the most experienced operators engaged in Government, commercial and civilian operations today.

Ex-military instructors and operators – learn from the best in the business today!

Our tailored ab-initio courses start at one week and teach you to safely and legally operate a UAV in a commercial environment.

Each day involves theoretical and practical training. You will learn the legalities and principles governing UAV flight operations and be skilled to a level to pass your CASA flight test in a controlled environment from the most experienced UAV operators in the country.

Complete your training with potential opportunities for work experience with the most advanced UAVs in the market today..

$2,600.00 + GST – Call Skyline UAV to secure a spot today! 

Don’t over pay for training schools with no operational field experience.

2018 Availability Dates
February 22-26
March 14-18
April 18-22
May 23-27
June 20-24
September 19-23
October 24-28
November 21-25

Bookings can be made by emailing mat@skylineav.com.au and course places must be paid for in full, prior to training commencing, in order to reserve your spot.